iPhone Screen Repair

210 – 2nd Street NE
Puyallup, WA 98371
(253) 470-1700
Mobile Service for a $10.00 additional fee

Fast and professional same day service! We are servicing Puyallup/Seattle/Tacoma and also Yakima, Washington. Text or call today and schedule an appointment with Larry or Kraig.

Glass+Digitizer Replacement = $40
IPHONE 3G LCD Replacement= $70
Home Button Repair = $60
Battery Replacement = $60
Charge Port/Speaker = $60

Glass+Digitizer Replacement= $40
IPHONE 3GS LCD Replacement= $70
Home Button Repair = $60
Battery Replacement = $60
Charge Port/Speaker = $60

BLACK Touch Screen + LCD Replacement= $85
WHITE Touch Screen + LCD Replacement= $85
See here why we charge for this repair: video
Back Glass Cover (black) = $40
Battery Replacement = $60
Camera Replacement = $50
Conversion to WHITE, RED, BLUE, GREEN, YELLOW, and more… = $110 SEE MORE HERE

 BLACK Touch Screen + LCD Replacement= $85
WHITE Touch Screen + LCD Replacement= $85
COLOR Conversion (Pink/White/Red/Blue/Green/Yellow) = $110

iPod Repair (2nd, 3rd Gen) – $55
iPod 4 gen – $80

5. IPAD 1 – Glass Touch Screen Replacement = $150
IPAD 1 – LCD Replacement = $150
IPAD 2 – Glass Touch Screen Replacement = $175
IPAD 2 – LCD Replacement = $200
IPAD 3 – Touch Screen = $220

Kindle Fire Screen – $120

6. Mail In Service – For those in remote areas of the United States I offer a Mail-In Service of $65.00. You remove your SIM card and ship your iPhone (3G, 3GS, 4) to me by USPS Small Box Flat Rate. The cost is $5.20. I will replace your cracked screen and ship it back to you the same day. Be sure to include your mailing address and phone number. Ship to: 210 – 2nd St NE, Puyallup, WA 98371

7 days a week! Mobile Service!
I will come to your office or home! I can meet you at Starbucks or anywhere with a table and good lighting! (Let me deal with the traffic!)

Text or call me today @ 253-226-0874
Larry Schoonover




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125 Responses to iPhone Screen Repair

  1. Don Pearsall says:

    I dropped my IPhone 3GS yesterday, and Larry fixed it today. It looks and works perfectly now. It only took 1 hour to fix and Larry was pretty close to me so it worked out perfectly. $55 is better than the Apple charge of $199 anyday!
    Thanks Larry

  2. Anna says:

    He was very quick and did a fantastic job on repairing my iphone’s screen. I would recommend him to anyone with a broken screen!

  3. Jeremy says:

    Fast accommodating service! IPhone is like new again! LCD and touch screen both replaced in 15 mins, for a great price!

  4. Nelson says:

    I dropped my Iphone and both the LCD and screen were in horrible condition. I thought my beloved Iphone was done. I found Larry on craigslist and called him immediately. He returned my phone call and we met a couple days later. Not only did larry offer me the lowest price out of anyone in the seattle area, he drove out to me. I watched and sipped on a Starbucks coffee as Larry repaired my once broken lifeless iphone into a brand new perfect working iphone. this was all over a span of 20-30 minutes. Two weeks later i noticed a minor glitch with my iphone, again i called Larry and sure enough he drove out to me and fixed the problem in 5 minutes for FREE! Its like coffee and a show. Satisfied? very! i would refer anyone with a broken LCD or screen to Larry!

  5. Jerry says:

    Very pleasant experience. Came to my work and completed job within half an hour. Will recommend to all my friends. Hope I don’t need him but will use again if I do.

  6. Jason says:

    Larry just left my house a few minutes ago after repairing my iphone 3GS. He was extremely nice and professional and I would recommend him to anyone needing this service. He is quick and cost-effective!!

  7. Betsy says:

    I am so thankful for Larry! I was able to sit and drink coffee while he fixed my iPhone. it is not worth trying to fix on your own, it’s worth the $ to save your phone! Thank you!

  8. John Haller says:

    You are indeed the real deal. Very experienced, careful, friendly, and efficient. Anybody thinking they can do it themselves had better think again. There are several steps where you must have experience to know how much pressure to apply and where to put it, not to mention being able to put it all back together again and getting the electrical connections correct. Well worth the money! Indeed, it is less expensive than other services.
    John H.

    Take care, and next time, I’ll have to mail it to Seattle.

  9. Lisa Koep says:

    Hi Larry! Thanks for taking the time and effort to meet with me and fix my iphone. Your customer service was beyond expectation! I will happily refer you to anyone who needs your services. Thank you. It’s wonderful to see through clear glass again.

  10. Kathy says:

    I was prepared to drive an hour to get my iPhone screen fixed. Instead, Larry met me a few minutes from my home and fixed it in 15 minutes! And he was less expensive than the repair shop in Seattle. I’m so glad to have my phone as good as new! Thanks, Larry!

  11. Doug R says:

    How quickly can one come from Puyallup to Bellevue to fix a broken iPhone?? Answer: the time it takes to hop on a Goldwing and cruise up the Valley Freeway. From the time I texted Larry until I met him in downtown Bellevue it took 40 minutes. Then, 15 minutes later, I hade my phone fixed, saved way more than a C-Note and was able to check out a beautiful motorcycle! Larry, you rock. Thanks.

  12. Jessica says:

    Great service! Fast repair, with flawless results. I would definitely reccomend Larry to any friends who crack their screen. Thanks!

  13. Lucas Greig says:

    I just got my iPhone 3gs fixed by Larry and he did a fantastic job! he was on time, met in a location of my choice, and was great to talk to as he serviced my iPhone. I will recommend him to anyone that needs their iPhone fixed! thanks for the help Larry

    Lucas Greig

  14. Larry fixed my phone in around 15 to 20 minutes, very fast and at a very low price. It was no longer reading the SIM card. He helped me out alot and is great at fixing iPhones, I would be sure to recommend him to my friends that have iPhones

  15. sergio ramos says:

    Larry fixed my phone in less then 15 minutes. It would not read my sim card. I had taken it to a repair shop and they just told me to send to apple. Great job Larry

  16. John Utter says:

    Larry drove to meet me within 1 hour of my call and replaced my LCD within minutes. It was done in a flash and now everything is working perfectly. Plus, Larry was just a great person to deal with-very fair. It was a way better experience than I expected.

  17. Shelia Gibson says:

    Larry was able to fix my son’s very used and abused iPhone. He replaced the cracked screen, LCD, and the speaker and docking port. All this on a phone that was full of hay & dust. (apple had even sent it back!!) My son and I were thrilled. I would have been happy with the service even if I had to drive the two hours to Puyallup, but I didn’t even have to do that. He came to Ellensburg!! Can’t say enough, would definitely recommend to anyone! Thank you Larry

  18. Mark U. says:

    Larry drove to my local Starbucks to meet me and fix the LCD screen on my Iphone 3Gs. He was fast and friendly and did a great job getting my Iphone up and running. I would highly recomend him and will definately use him again.

  19. Larry was recommended to me after I dropped my iPhone and shattered the screen into a bajillion pieces. I live out of his regular service area, but he drove north to meet me anyway, and did a fantastic job. His service is prompt, congenial and very fairly priced. I highly recommend him!!

  20. Brandon says:

    Very satisfied!! I was able to sit and watch, while he did a great job and he did it fast! Thank you

  21. Thanks for fixing my cracked iPhone 3G screen so quickly today! I hope I won’t need your services again, but I’ve recommended you to all my friends. I know a lot of klutzy people 🙂

  22. Loretta Watson says:

    I had the fortunate opportunity to meet Larry through an unfortunate event when I dropped and cracked my iphone G4 screen. I contacted Larry from his listing on Craigslist. I texted him on a Thursday evening and on Friday Larry had picked up my phone by noon and repaired it and returned it to me at my work place.

    Larry took the extra time to repair it. I enjoyed visiting with Larry and would recommend him to anyone wanting to get their phone repaired. Larry is honest and his service is outstanding. Thank you Larry!!!

  23. Mak says:

    WOW.. Professional, and quick service.. Larry came to MS fixed my 2 digitizer’s for both my iphones in 15 minutes.. Thank You larry.

  24. Larry is AWESOME! I dropped my phone at around noon today; completely shattered the glass and cracked my LCD. Called Larry at 2pm and had my phone looking brand new by 330pm! Don’t go anywhere else! Great, great, GREAT experience!

  25. Melissa says:

    Called and he came an hour later! He even came to my work! good prices! I WILL DEFINITELY RECOMMEND HIM!

  26. Terri Brown says:

    I am so pleased with the nice job Larry did in fixing my Iphone screen. It looks great and was quick and painless . . . and the price is right! What a nice guy, too. I would recommend him to anyone.

  27. Marce says:

    Larry thank you for your flexible schedule and great expeditious service.
    My iPhone continues to operate without any problems and your prices are extremely affordable.

  28. mark says:

    He is the man! he fixed our broken screen yesterday in 15 mins.. i would definitely recommend him to everybody. thanks again larry! and yeah! we’ll definitely have some pancit next time..

  29. Curtis says:

    Had a cracked screen for four months now on my Iphone 3g. Thought about fixing it myself but after watching the video thought it would not be the best choice. Came across Larry while trying to find a place to fix it cheaper than apple. Was hard to believe this was true, but very happy to say that Larry met me close to my house and had me up and running no time. Very happy with my choice and will pass on his info to my other friends, we all know that their phones will break at some time.

  30. Larry says:

    Good conversation, good coffee and an excellent repair job on a phone. What more could one want. I had never done phone business at a Starbucks, glad Larry is so skilled and comes ready for anything. The phone looks new and the price was right.

  31. Jerome Velez says:

    At first i was very skeptical with meeting someone in person that i have found through the internet. Larry did a AMAZING job repairing my iPhone 3gs and at the same time held a great conversation with me. He is very educated and knows what he is doing when it comes to fixing iPhones. I would strongly recommend Larry’s service over any others. Thank you Larry.

  32. Justin D says:

    I was referred to Larry by a co-worker; my iPhone 3g had been cracked for about 3 months. I called Larry out of the blue just to see when we could possibly meet up. I was just going to replace my iPhone but thought ugh $50 dollars is cheaper then $200. We ended up meeting at a local Fred Meyer Starbucks in Puyallup within 2 hours after conversing. Larry is very knowledgeable in what he’s doing, and easy to get along with while he worked his magic. 15 minutes later I was on my way. Totally worth the call and would recommend him to anyone! Thanx a bunch man works like a charm 🙂

  33. I met with Larry today and he did a great job helping me with my phone. We had a great chat while I watched him fix my phone. He showed up promptly to the location we decided upon and worked with me on the time that worked best for me. I definitely recommend you call Larry if you need a quick fix.

    Michael Pierce

  34. Greg says:

    Larry came, he saw, and he fixed. I would recommend Larry’s service to anyone!

  35. mark says:

    great service!he drove to my place and fixed my phone in 15mins!!pretty fast!!!i would recommend it to anyone who needs their phone fixed for cheap!
    we’ll grab some pancit sometime larry!!thanks!

  36. Brad says:

    Prime craftsmanship and truly cares about what he does. He understands how precious your phone is to you and that’s the type of person you want for a fix. Took him literally 10mins to fix and the phone looks spectacular. Already recommended him to a buddy.

  37. Chris says:

    Used Larry twice now and has done a phenomenal job!! Great, fast and cheap deals.

  38. Heather says:

    I thought my phone had water damage after my water bottle turned my purse into lake superior! My LCD light stopped working on my iphone 3Gs and larry came to the rescue! He showed me that no water damage had actually occured and replaced my LCD light for only $60! If you think your iphone is doomed text larry, he’s a great guy and just really has a heart to serve others!

  39. Paddy says:

    Fantastic and professional service! I was visiting from out of town when I dropped my iPhone 4 and cracked the front screen. Larry worked with me to schedule a convenient time and location that fit my schedule. He was fast, professional and very friendly. Top notch service by a top notch pro! I recommend his service to anyone who needs an iPhone fixed!

  40. Thomas says:

    OMG I bought an iphone with a broken screen, and I found larry on CL.com, he came all the way to my neighborhood and helped me out! thanks so much again larry!!! out of 5 stars, he gets 7 ! if you need your iphone screen fixed, call Larry the Iphone repair guy!

  41. Sara W says:

    Another ringing endorsement for Larry’s service. He’s fast, prompt (early in fact), easy to schedule with, incredibly nice, and is providing such a necessary service. I can’t imagine anyone being anything but thrilled. Thanks so much, Larry. I’m a klutz and I’m keeping you in my Contacts.

  42. Tara says:

    My daughter not only broke her screen and LCD but she also took the phone apart. The gentleman who came out to fix the phone was friendly, fast, and definitely knew what he was doing. I would recommend them to anyone who has a broken phone, especially a dismantled one!!

  43. mavis says:

    I had the speaker go out of my phone where the ringer didnt work. That was a real problem. I talked to larry and was able to be in the area and he came to MCDonalds and fixed my phone. It wasnt easy but he did a really good job. My son was very impressed with him also. thank you for helping me.

  44. isaac says:

    i dropped my iphone and broke the lcd screen,,, sent it to larry and he fixed it in a timely manner. price was reasonable. thanks

  45. Mary says:

    I just met with Kraig at a Starbucks close to my house. He was very professional and fixed my phone to its original look!! Thanks so much! I will definitely recommend your services to all my friends!

  46. Vinny du says:

    Larry is the nicest person that I have ever work with on craiglist. He is a professional on smartphone product like iPhone 3, 3GS or 4. I had him replacing my black iPhone 4 into the white one, and he did a great job on it. I sit there with him for more than 40 minutes to just look at the way he replacing it, he is really detail and patient technician. He did a wonderful job on it. I really recommend him for working on any of iPhone that u are planning to either turn it to white from black or fixing LCD and so on. He is great person to work with.

  47. Jazmarae says:

    Larry Is wonderful! He came all the way to ellensburg and met me at my university’s recreation center. I am actually responding on my brand new, crack free, iPhone. For a small fee of $50 Larry not only met on my convenience but he let me watch as he fixed it. I plan on giving his card to anyone I meet who needs an iPhone or ipad repair.

  48. Lindsay says:

    Larry is the best! I met him in yakima and he provided fast and professional service. my iphone 3gs looks as good as new! I would recommend him to anyone that has a cracked iphone/ipad/ipod screen

    he is the best.

  49. jeannie says:

    I met Larry and his nephew at Starbucks today. What great, efficient, pleasant guys. They replaced the screen on my iphone in about 20 minutes.
    What did I like:
    They were on time and very efficient while being pleasant.
    They didn’t try to sell me anything.
    The website is clear and you know what you will be charged.
    Larry is very fast about getting back to you and arranging a time to meet.
    I am very pleased with the service. Thank you so much.

  50. Rian Coffey says:

    Not only was Larry’s iPhone repair the best price around but it was very effective. He repaired what most said was impossible to repair. He came to my place of work was very discreet and did a quality job. Thank you larry if it were not for you I would have NO phone at all! I will be recommending this service to everyone I can!

  51. CJ says:

    Thanks for the great service, this was the way to go for me. It was easy and affordable, good value.

  52. Cameron says:

    I texted Larry and the next day we met for him to fix my home button. Very nice guy, fixed it right infront of me and showed me what went wrong in my phone! He took his time, and did a great job. My iPhone home button works like a charm! Plus you can’t beat $50.00 to repair that! I’d recommend my own mother to Larry.

  53. Ashley says:

    Larry is the best! I checked with Apple for a repair and they were going to charge me $199!! I found Larry on craigslist and thought for $150 in savings I’ll try it! My iPhone looks brand new!! I am thrilled with his work. It was so fast and precise! Larry gets 5 stars in my book and he was such a nice guy too : )

    Thanks for working your iPhone magic, Larry!!

  54. Margot says:

    Thank you Larry for fixing my iPhone, it was quick/easy and very affordable. It was also great that you met me at my work, I will definitely recommend your services.

  55. Tracy says:

    Thank you so much for fixing my phone. Your service was quick and convenient. I told everyone at work that you fixed my phone in less than 15 minutes while I was on my 1/2 hour lunch break and they were all amazed. I already have recommended you, and will definitely continue to recommend you to any who need such services. Thank you again!!

  56. Dave says:

    Great service, great price! Very accomodating to my schedule and meeting place. Took about 10 minutes for screen replacement

  57. Great service , Larry and his apprentice (Kraig) were very professional about repair my phone, they explained what the other repair person did wrong and showed how the” 5 min repair man” gives u the cheapest job possible, don’t go with the 5 min repair guy , it isn’t worth it. Stick with the professionals that let u watch them work on your phone.

  58. Helen says:

    Larry IPhone Repair is very professional and affordable. Larry is a very nice man to meet. I met him at taco bell and he was quick and efficient at no time. Thank you Larry for your services and you coming all the way to Yakima to fix my IPhone 3GS. I will tell everyone about your services for sure. Take care and thanks for making it quick and painless for myself.

  59. Devin says:

    Repaired my phone today. Came out to my home and fixed it on my dining room table. Can’t beat the convenience and the quality.

  60. Shanon Emerick says:

    I met Larry in person in December and he did a great job fixing my iphone!

    Then I went to Alaska a few months later and dropped my iphone again. So I mailed it (the phone) from Alaska and he did a great job!

    The Post Office delayed my delivery and made me wish I had used Fedex or UPS. But still Larry is always worth it and if I ever drop my iPhone again, I will send it back to Larry every time!

    Thanks again!

  61. Steve says:

    I tried to fix my 3GS myself with parts from the internet. I wound up making a bigger mess out of it. Larry showed up at my office exactly when he said he would and fixed it for a very reasonable cost. He is very professional and would highly recommend him to anyone that needs there Iphone fixed.

  62. Javier says:

    Very impressed with Larry, considering the condition of my ip4 was almost destroyed! He was able to fix it without incident in a matter of minutes, and this was on less than a days notice! Hope I don’t have to fix my phone again but if I do, I know where I’ll go!

  63. Joanna R says:

    Great quick service by Kraig – fast, efficient, reasonable. Iphone 3GS is like new! I will definitely refer others, thank you.

  64. Elijah R says:

    Thanks Larry for the quick fix! Very happy with the results with a way better deal then most places. Fixed it right up in a matter of minutes. Thanks again!

  65. marlene says:

    Kraig replaced my screen on my iphone 3g, he did an amazing job and it only took him a few minutes. I was really impressed and highly recommend these guys to work on my phone again or someone else’s phone. thank you kraig for the amazing job you did.

  66. Kristin says:

    Larry was great! He fixed my shattered iPad screen and it looks good as new! Very timely and communicated often!

    Thanks for all your help!

  67. Sefo says:

    What can I say about Larry? I consider my phone my life (considering all the personally info stored in it) and twice Larry has saved my life. First it was to which 2 iphone4’s from black to white, 2nd time was for a cracked screen. He was able to meet up with me same day I called. Met me at a convenience location & 30 mins later my phone was perfect again. He is the man!

  68. Ghee Yang says:

    I called Larry Monday night, and he was able to fix my cracked iPhone 3GS screen the next morning! Super fast service if you ask me! 🙂 He was willing to meet wherever I wanted, which was incredibly convenient considering I’m a university student without a car! Very friendly, reliable, efficient, and AFFORDABLE services. I would recommend his work to anyone, especially students and other folks on a budget! Thank you so much for your awesome work Larry!

  69. Raul says:

    So I work as a flight attendant and use my Iphone for work. Last night while here in the Seattle-Tacoma area I was visiting a friend and I droped my Iphone in the parking lot! My Whole screen was shattered!!! I panicked… I work as a flight attendant and rely on my Iphone. I work back to back flights and have no time (or money, they charge $200!) to go to the apple store and get my Iphone repaired! I looked up about oredeing a repair kit and doing it my self… Very complicated for me to do and the kit cost $40 with shipping and handling! Then I ran across Larry’s website… I was a bit sceptical but really had no other options. I sent him a text message that same night and he responded early next morning. He said we could meet at a place near my location, so we did. He fixed my Iphone in a matter of minutes right in front of me! The relief I felt when he handed me my Iphone with a screen that looked the way it did when I purchased it!!! The best part of all of this? It was only $55.00 with tax! I am recommending him to all my coworkers!!! Thank you so very much!

  70. Paul S says:

    I would highly recommend Larry to repair your Iphone screen if damaged. I found Larry service on craigslist. I called and he immediately set up an appointment to meet me in Richland Washington. He completed the repair in 15 minutes and it looks like it is brand new again.

  71. John Hurlbut says:

    Thank you so much for replacing my iPhone 3G power button and battery! Kraig was prompt, professional and fast! Coming to my office was awesome too! VERY convenient!! Thanks again!

  72. Ali kashi says:

    My phone was cracked and I went to apple store where they told me I needed to wait 2 hours just to speak to someone. I decided to use larry’s service and I’m not disappointed! He came to me, was efficient, and my phone works great. Thanks!

  73. Cindy Ritzman says:

    My phone’s glass looked worse than the one featured on this website! I contacted Larry via text and in two days my phone is fixed. He met me at my office, did the work in a conference room and was done is less than an hour. Very convenient, professional and such an easy process.

    Highly recommended. Even my co-workers were impressed. Thanks Larry!!

  74. Christina says:

    Larry is FANTASTIC! I broke the screen on my iPhone 4 a couple of weeks ago and was devastated thinking how I was going to get it fixed without spending a ton of money. I did some research online and found Larry’s website and also found his post on craigslist. When I text him he replied back immediately. I told him what happened and he was at my office with the hour. I work in Lynnwood and he came all the way from Puyallup just to fix my phone for me. After he fixed it we noticed a very small yellowish spot that we thought was the screen so he ordered a new. Once he received the new screen he came all the way back out to my office to fix it again just to find out it was never the screen but my phone from being dropped. His service is phenomenal and I will recommend him to anyone that has any issue with their iPhone/iPod. If this happens again to myself or someone in my family, Larry is who we will be calling. Thank you Larry for everything you did for me!!

  75. theglassedge says:

    Larry came by my office in between a very hectic meeting filled day… he had my phone fixed in a matter of minutes! very satisfied… I have passed my satisfied experience on to several people!…

  76. Zachary Buchanan says:

    Larry was a great choice. I am a student at the University of Washington and do not have a lot of time. Larry was able to meet me at a convenient location and fix my phone in no time at all. I would definitely go back to Larry if I ever broke my phone again!

  77. Kaylee says:

    Larry has fixed a few of our phones! Excellent!

  78. Sam & Trudy says:

    Cracked my iPhone4 screen. Found Larry via Google. Prompt text and phone replies. Met during lunch, screen was replaced before I finish my lunch. Excellent service. Two thumbs up! Thanks, Larry.

  79. Suren says:

    Larry provided timely and professional service, I would recomend him to friends anytime!

    • lindsay laPointe says:

      I would recommend Larry to fix anyones iPhone. I converted mine to a neon green and i love it, he was honest and was done in a timely fashion. Im going to go back and get the baby blue for my iphone 4s

  80. Jessica says:

    Larry was really professional and my phone looks awesome! He took care of the cracked screen as well as converting it to white! I would definitely recommend him! Iphone doctor:)

  81. Hawk Phil says:

    Just got Larry to fix my broken 3G screen today. He drove all the way from Puyallup to Bellevue. Fix it in 15min. This is very awesome and cheap! Highly recommend!!!!

  82. Great service and I’m so glad I did not have to buy a new phone. It’s like new!!!!

  83. Cindy L. says:

    What a great service! My iPhone’s windshield was shattered… but with one phone call and a reasonable fee, Larry made it like new! I got lucky and it was actually fixed the same day! What a great service (and a really nice guy too). Thanks!

  84. Jack K. says:

    Incredible service! I broke my screen on my Ipad2 and found Larry and Craig via a Google search and was a little nervous about giving them a try. Well I got to say that those two went above and beyond anything that you could imagine! They had a little problem with mine so they took it to a Apple Store and got it replaced with a brand new one and then even delivered to my office in Kent by 5:00 the same day.
    I got to say I highly recommend Larry’s service and will be telling all my Iphone and Ipad friends!

  85. Libby says:

    Professional, efficient, superior service! Larry replaced the back of my iPad which was extremely dented. Looks brand new! I am very satisfied and recommend anyone in need of his services to give him a call. You will not be disappointed.

  86. Sergey says:

    My daughter dropped my friends Iphone and glass got broken. Larry fixed it next day. Thank you very much.

  87. Mindi Zehnder says:

    Awesome service. Very professional and friendly. All parts were new and very accommodating. Met at local McDonalds and was fast repair to a ran over cracked iPhone 4

  88. Jessica says:

    I got my iPhone converted to white and it looks amazing! Larry did a great job! I highly recommend him.

  89. Josiah says:

    I dropped my iPhone 4 and broke the screen and got in contact with Larry. I met him durring my 45 minute lunch brake at a local fast food resteraunt and he had my phone fixed by the time I had to go back to work. It looks and works great now. I would recommend larrry’s iPhone repair to anyone!

  90. Terri Lovins says:

    Thank you so much for the excellent service today! Fast, convenient, professional and very affordable. My screen shattered what I was certain was beyond repair. Within 2 hours of first contacting Larry, my phone was fixed and I only had to go to my local coffee shop to get it done. Highly recommend these guys and their work!

  91. Veronica says:

    Larry is the man – hands down. I was in need of getting my husbands iPhone 4 fixed with a quickness. Needed the glass touch screen/LCD replacement deal – it was completely shattered. I sent Larry a text around 3pm – and only about 1 hour later my husband had a brand new phone. Quick, honest, top quality work and the price is right. I reccomend Larry to anyone and everyone! Thank you, again!!!

  92. Bob Arrowsmith says:

    Larry provides a great service.
    He showed up on time.
    Fixed my phone for a good price.

  93. Nicole says:

    So glad I called when my dad broke his phone. He is a very nice man and was very quick and Courteous. Will definitely be referring people to him!!

  94. Ryan says:

    Larry did an amazing job fixing my phone. Plus when it glitched, he came back and fixed it for no additional cost! Thanks again Larry!

  95. Kavita says:

    It was amazing to see my iPhone 4 being worked on… Cracked screen corner but Larry was amazing in getting it done efficiently and carefully. Works just like it did AND looks brand new!

  96. Emily says:

    Amazing! So fast and good and cheap! Larry definitely made my day 🙂 i broke my screen and googled “seattle iphone repair” and texted larry and we met at starbucks (5 minutes from my home) and after 10 minutes he was done! So it took me 20 minutes and 50$. Since then i love my iphone more than ever before but i’m not scared of breaking the screen anymore!

  97. Gerald says:

    Great and timely service!!

  98. Tony Whitney says:

    Got a 3GS Iphone off Craigslist and noticed that the Camera did not work. Remembered Larry from looking for the phone. Called him and made an appointment for noon. Keeping his # in my phone. Thank you very much Larry.

  99. Don says:

    Excellent service, met me on short notice on a Sunday afternoon
    So I could have a working phone for the week. Thanks Larry you’re
    The best. I’ll recommend your services without hesitation.

  100. Troy says:

    Very fast, reasonably priced & professional. Larry fixed my phone at a Starbucks in less than two hours after first contacting him. Thanks again Larry!

  101. Paul says:

    I met Larry at Burger King. He diagnosed my problem I ordered a burger and fries and by the time I was done eating my phone was as good as new! Highly recommend!

  102. Brieanna bates says:

    Excellent service! It was done quickly and cheaply! I would definitely use this service again

  103. Eric says:

    Larry was super quick, both in getting to my office and in the repair of my iphone! I was off line for about 30 minutes and then back up and running. Nice work Larry!

  104. Leroy says:

    Fantastic repair. I dropped my iPhone 4 in the morning and I made a appointment the same day at 1:30pm… By 2:30 I was heading back to work with new screen. I have taking my phone apart a few times and quite competent at it but he had the screen replaced faster than I could have. Very impressive service and professional. Thanks again Larry

  105. Dan says:

    I have had to suffer with a cracked screen for months! I cant believe I waited so long to get my iPhone 4 fixed. After searching google I found Larry. Can’t say enough good things about my experience. Larry was quick to respond, we met in Tacoma and he had my phone fixed in no time! Just like new 🙂 thanks Larry you saved my iPhone!!

  106. Sonic says:

    Glad I found Larry by doing a google search.. he saved me $100 bucks and a trip to the Apple Store. Larry was able to fix my shattered iphone screen for $100, vs. the $200 that Apple charges. He was prompt professional and friendly. Thanks Larry!

  107. Marianne says:

    Exceptionally competent and professional work. Larry fixed my iPhone 4 when I dropped and shattered both the front and back screens- all for half of what it cost at apple! Thanks Larry!

  108. gg says:

    this comment made possible by the skilled hands of kraig! he was able to meet me within an hour of when i called and after 10 minutes my phone was like new again. thank you!

  109. Jean says:

    Larry came to my workplace to replace the glass front. It was convenient, reasonably priced, and EASY! Thanks

  110. Sara L says:

    Larry has fixed my iphone for me twice now. First, almost a year ago, he met me at my work and was very efficient and professional. The second time I was getting ready to leave on a 10 day trip and my screen broke. He met me just hours before I had to leave and really saved the day. I will recommend his services to anyone. Thanks again, Larry!

  111. April says:

    Hello, I had a great experience with Larry, I text him last night my sons phone is fixed today, I have tried to fix it myself but just didn’t happen and just wasted
    money I will not try that again.
    Thanks larry

  112. Amanda says:

    I texted Kraig because After getting a brand new phone from my insurance, it lasted 3 weeks until I dropped it and it broke… I texted Kraig and within 2 days he had fixed it quick, with no problems at all, and to my convenience. He did a Great job, looks brand new and kept me out of trouble:)

    Thanks Kraig!

  113. Anthony says:

    Excellent friendly service. Would recomend to all friends and family. Thx larry

  114. David says:

    Larry’s customer service is outstanding! I shipped my wife’s phone to him to be repaired and was shocked at how quickly it was done and shipped back to me and at a very reasonable price. Would definitely recommend him to anyone!

  115. Colin says:

    I found Larry on google, called him up and my phone was fixed that same day. Fair pricing and a much better way to go than getting a new phone. I would recommend to anyone looking to have their iPhone repaired!

  116. Greg says:

    I broke my iPhone Saturday night and Larry had it fixed by Sunday evening. Thanks for going out of your way to meet me Larry!

  117. Bruce Bodine says:

    I found you on a Google search. I called and 15 minutes later you were working to replace my cracked iphone screen! (I got lucky. You were in the area…) Nice and friendly service. I hope we don’t meet again – but if we do, I know you are the one to call!

  118. Jat says:

    Larry is great guy and he fixed my phone right away. I had a family emergency and he agreed to see me in hospital and didn’t even charged me the mobile fee.

  119. Donna says:

    Larry was amazing, fixed my iPad in a matter of minutes! Very professional and knowledgeable! I will always check here first for all iPhone and iPad needs!

  120. Kristina J. says:

    I am more than pleased with my experience! Will come back again if needed (hopefully I won’t crack my screen again) and will spread the word to fellow iPhone users about this fantastic local business! I saved $50 by having Larry fix it 🙂

  121. Tiffany says:

    I took my 3GS iPod in to have the screen replaced and the replaced my whole iPod 3G for the 2nd generation!

  122. Tiffany says:

    Came in to get my ten yr old sons iPod 3Gs screen replace and they swapped his whole iPod for the 2nd generation, really dissapointed they are deleting my comment an not making a effort to fix this issue!

  123. CA. says:

    Brought in a phone with a significantly broken screen that was purchased on a heavy discount. Kraig and staff fixed it without hesitation. I can now use the phone for developing software. Additionally when done, will be able to resell the phone for more than I purchased it for. Absolutely brilliant job done by this staff. I would highly recommend them in the future.

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